Fresco IT is a Business Transformation Consulting company. We have a team of experts ready to consult and develop IT and technology solutions to deliver comprehensive IT services; such as, Custom Software Development, Infrastructure Services, Hardware Leasing/Rental, and System Integrator for customers. We can give consultation from the stage of understanding business problems, framing guidelines and collecting and analyzing customer requirements, as well as designing and developing systems using various technologies to deliver the best and most appropriate solutions for customers’ requirements, to effectively solve such business problems.

Moreover, Fresco IT can also provide IT Professional Support, with an experienced team of professionals to resolve IT problems in small, medium and large organizations, to fix common computer and network infrastructure problems in organizations.

Currently, Fresco IT has expanded its range of services across a wide range of industries, such as Healthcare, Power & Energy, Cement and Construction, Automotive Parts, Steel and Food Processing.

We continue to strive to develop solutions that suit the needs of other business segments to support Thailand’s digital transition.


Why Choose Us?

  • Our team have both excellent technical knowledge in using latest technologies and understanding business problems and requirements.
  • We have a proven track of success stories working with top companies to deliver solutions that meet client’s needs, expectations and budget.
  • With our experiences with the usage of the methodologies of, Lean, Agile, and business processes, we can help you develop and deploy the solutions in a simplified manner for effective usage.



We are always seeking talented team members to join and become an integral part of our company.